Thursday, 28 March 2013

Hello, anyone there

 Will you forgive me I have been away for so long, losing my mojo, work and life have kept me away, yesterday I sorted my office and moved my toy shop and kitchen, I have placed the kitchen above the toy shop, they were never made to be a pair.
Looking through my shop window an the near perfect little toys, 
a window for boys,
 another for girls, such wonderful little world, 
waiting for the children to visit and take them home. 
So much has happened since I last blogged, I came to realise, if I were to finish Somerset House it would be to complete the task rather than for love, creating the main body of the house was my passion, and I had done that to a level I was so very proud of. Plus the task had been going for almost 8 years, so I made the decision to dismantle it. I have packed all the tiny accessories away, they will come out again, I have saved the special bits of furniture I so love. I will have an e-bay moment to sell on loads and probably a give away on here, but the house is gone.

Fliss has a two story small house I can have if I wish, and I have enough walls, windows and doors to make at least 3 room boxes. I have ideas, a library, a modern apartment, a church. I want to make as much as I can and use some of the stunning items I have, I will put loads on a section frame, behind glass.

I have been working on a book, it's only for me, I have taken pictures from my blog and put them into a book, a record of my achievement, I hope to have it printed soon.


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